Hongkong Visa

Hong Kong Quality Migration Admission Scheme (QMAS)

Those who want to migrate to Hong Kong can go by one of the most potential Hong Kong Immigration Visa that is undoubtedly the Hong Kong QMAS expanded Quality Migration Admission Scheme. By this scheme, the foreign immigrants who are highly qualified and raise and give a positive outcome to the state’s economy. The small region of Hong Kong invites people from all over the world to contribute to its economy and help keep the state on par with others in the top.


The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a points-based scheme where you need to score 80/195 points in the General Test or 195 Points in the Achievement Based Points Test. The points are calculated based on your age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency and dependants. Under the Scheme you can:

  • Enter Hong Kong without holding a job offer
  • Settle permanently in Hong Kong
  • Work in their chosen field in Hong Kong
  • Bring their dependants to Hong Kong

The immigrants do not require a job offer to go there. If they have the sufficient financial funds, they can search a job there is various sectors from Architecture, Surveying, Engineering and Construction, Broadcasting and Entertainment, Catering and Tourism, Financial and Accounting Services, IT & Telecoms, Sports, Logistics and Transportation, Academic Research and Education, Arts and Culture & many more.

The aspiring candidate has to sit for any one of the 2 tests and score a minimum pass mark. The marks are given on basic criteria like age, occupational experience, educational qualification, family background, etc. however, there is a minimum score requirement for 80 points on the General Points Test & 195 points on the Achievements – Based Points Test. Here is a breakdown of the same: -

  • First-class degree in Bachelor’s or Master’s level from a recognized university
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience.
  • Age should be between 18-50years
  • IELTS/TOEFL exam scores required to prove language proficiency.
  • Meet the financial requirements for the immigration process.
  • Have the minimum points under General Points Based Test

The documentation required for the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme includes:

  1. Current passport and travel history
  2. Meet the required language levels
  3. Educational credentials
  4. Professional credentials
  5. Your occupation must fall under the Hong Kong Talent List
  6. Police clearance certificate
  7. Other supporting documents


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