Apply for Singapore Immigration from India

Anshi Immigration an immense opportunity that allows you to get in touch with our Immigration professional counsel over the phone and mail or in person. You can take up your visa application in detail with them. For best assistance, reaching our counsel is a phenomenal idea as they have profound knowledge as well as years of experience in dealing with visa applications of different countries. You can share your question and doubts with the professionals and get the lucid depiction about the scenario.

Visa programs with Anshi Immigration:

Permanent residency Visa

For the best life and advance career opportunities, people think migrating to a new country. On a permanent residency visa, you can live and work in your chosen country and can also appreciate other facilities that are provided by their respective country/state/province. After some time, you can easily reach the citizenship of your chosen country.

Anshi Immigration counsel give the best immigration and consultation services. We assist the candidates and choose PR visa options as per their eligibility and interest. We also guide them in preparing English test exam and also look for their employment Anshi Immigration deals with the permanent residency programs for the countries like Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Tourist Visa

Are you in interested with any overseas destination? And want to explore the charm of the world? If yes, what are you waiting for? Just Contact Anshi Immigration counsel right now and fulfill the dream of holidaying on the overseas your favourite overseas land. We file your visa application on time and give our full efforts to complete your documentation as soon as possible. All you have to do is select your favourite destination spot and provide us with proper documentation and leave rest of the formalities on us.

Study Visa

Education plays an important role in build your Career. So, why not to study abroad for better education and various growth opportunities? Students can study in abroad on the study visa. Understudy visa, a student is allowed to pursue study and live in the country till the time his degree is completed. Most of the universities, allows students to work part-time during their course. Anshi Immigration counsel gives you the opportunity to study abroad and grow your career. Our immigration team do analysis of your past education, age, work experience (if any), English language skills and accordingly design your visa application.

Work Visa

Experienced candidates always seek overseas jobs. Candidates can work either on the work permit or on permanent residency visa in abroad. Under the work permit process, you can work in your chosen country for the specific period. On the other hand, under permanent residency visa, candidates are allowed to live and work on permanent basis.

Anshi Immigration give services to the candidates who are willing to work in abroad. Anshi Immigration arrange the work visa for following countries- Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Family Visa

Greet your family members who are settled in broad. Anshi Immigration helps you in Greet your loved ones with the family visa program. Interested Person can contact us and get brief assistance. We understand how important the family is and accordingly, we do every possible step to grant this visa for you.

Business Visa

Boost your Business overseas. Contact Anshi Immigration and get advantageous assistance from our Immigration team. Our team will go through factors like annual turnover, personal assets, age etc., if you meet all the factors then, they will start your Business Visa application process immediately. For availing more information about overseas immigration, Email your queries on or Visit our Official website.